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 Let’s get social!

(and by that, we mean let us get you social)

I think we can all agree that managing social media for your business is much more overwhelming than you would think. Let us take that off of your shoulders and help build your brand and business through our various action plans including posting, community management, strategy development, and/or training. We want to empower you to rule your industry one post at a time.

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Your “check-in” time.

Every journey starts with a single step. We want to make sure your accounts are set-up for success. Whether we will be taking over your accounts, or if you plan on running them yourself - you need to make sure everything is in it’s place! This all starts with “housekeeping”. If your accounts aren’t set up we will get them up and running for you, and if they are - chances are they need some cleaning up. Either way, we have you covered!

PRICE: One-time fee of $2,500

  • Develop your digital “brand”

  • Create consistency across all platforms and web presence

  • Audit your current state on social as well as a competitor to help you develop a killer strategy

  • Market analysis, identify key influencers

  • Organize all materials + collateral


 case study: BOXWOOD COFFEE

Boxwood Coffee is an amazing local coffee chain. It’s impossible not to love them! When UM came aboard, we did a full social overhaul and re-launch. Over the course of a few years now, we launched their social channels, boosted engagement, following, and their customer base. We are so proud to have been a pillar in their immense growth and continued success.

Key Accomplishments:

  • From 123 followers to 6,800 - that’s a 5,340% increase in growth!

  • Grew audience in concentrated, hyper local area to increase customer base.

  • Developed a consistent “look” that resonated with customers to help make Boxwood a local household-name brand!

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 social media management

Consider this your all-inclusive vacay.

Ever wish that someone would just take control of your social media and post regularly, create fun stories, and engage with your target audience all while growing your following? Same. Even though it seems like it, it’s not too good to be true. We’re here to do all of those things for you!

PRICING: Package levels range from $600 to $3,000 a month.

  • Content Calendar

  • Posting Schedule

  • Custom graphics/images

  • Community engagement

  • Instagram stories

  • Influencer Marketing

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 training + coaching

Let us be your tour guide.

Are you a DIYer? If so, this is the best option for you! Let us guide you in the right direction and teach you everything you need to know to develop a stand-out brand online. We offer group training sessions (one-time only workshops, or weekly/monthly series), as well as one-on-one consulting and coaching.

Choose between:

  • Group training

  • Workshops

  • Strategy development

  • 1on1 coaching